mathC is a set of ANSI C subroutines for various mathematical problems. It is used by almost all our software, hence we found it convenient to create a separate download package for it instead of bundling it with all our software packages.

The subroutines in mathC are based on many mathematical textbooks and publications, on personal communications and hard experience. Some subroutines were taken from the literature as they are, some were significantly improved by us. Unless indicated otherwise in the top portions of the source files, we do not claim authorship.

Installation requirements


  1. Unpack the mathC archive:
      gzip -cd mathc.tar.gz | tar -xvf -
    This creates a directory math/C.
  2. Make platform-specific changes:
      cd math/C/src
  3. Build the library:

Note: The recent configure script recognizes HP-UX 10.20 and Linux only. If you have a different operating  system, you may have to modify the configure script. Please send us your configure script; we will build your changes into the official distribution.